About Us


Mission Statement

To aid in the recovery of essential service members by providing a safe and secure place for them to rest when struggling with the diversity of PTSD.


Our Board



The Service Member’s Keep Assoc. (SMK) is a Non-Profit Organization which is registered under the Societies Act in the Province of Nova Scotia in Aug of 2017. It is a Respite modeled after a seasonal rural off grid cottage style experience located on a 1.5 acer lot of coastal property at 484 Shore Rd, in Ogilvie Nova Scotia.


Our Board of Directors consists between 6-8 personal. There is a Rep for each of the Essential Services, Military Fire, EHS, and RCMP. We also have an administrator and last our Director Duke Karsten. Duke is a retired 37 year military veteran. He has had extensive training and dealings with PTSD as part of his military duties. There are no paid positions within the Board or the Society all strictly volunteer based.





Rally Point Retreat



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